Wet & Forget Shower Cleaning Kit


Wet & Forget Shower Cleaning Kit

Quantity: 2 Litre


Make your Shower Shine with Wet and Forget Shower Cleaning Kit

Wet & Forget Shower takes the hard work out of cleaning. No scrubbing or wiping needed—just spray on fixtures, shower curtains, enclosures, shower glass, tiles and baths, once a week, after the last shower of the day. The next day, simply rinse the surfaces before or during your shower. Wet & Forget Shower's remote trigger sprayer makes your job even easier.

Each squeeze of the trigger releases 65% more product than the average sprayer, and gets you out of the bathroom and back to your life faster than using those daily cleaners. Our remote sprayer allows you to get those hard-to-reach spots, and even sprays upside-down. Wet & Forget Shower gets its cleaning power from a team of dual surfactants. The first surfactant loosens and dissolves soap scum, while the second targets body oils. Wet & Forget Shower's cleaning formula goes to work on contact and keeps your shower clean all week long with just one application. Just spray and forget it!

Wet & Forget Shower gives you a sparkling-clean shower while using a gentle touch. Our formula contains no bleach or ammonia, and doesn't release any harsh fumes. Instead of a sharp chemical smell, Wet & Forget Shower leaves behind a subtle, soothing vanilla essence. Rather than smelling like your local pool, your bathroom will smell like a soft vanilla breeze! Shopping for Wet & Forget Shower is also a breeze. Our generous 2 Litre economy size gives you 12 weeks of cleaning power in just one bottle.

You would have to buy eight 750 ML bottles of the average daily shower sprays to get the same amount of clean. This means fewer trips to the store! Wet & Forget Shower is conscious of the environment; our once a week formula and economy size means fewer bottles being thrown away each year.

Wet & Forget Shower gives you the clean shower you and your family deserve without all the fuss, so you can get back to enjoying life!

Keep away from children. Please read the label on the product for usage and safety advice before using.