Tropical Sun Natural Coconut Milk


Tropical Sun 100% Natural Coconut Milk

Quantity: 400 ml

  • 100% Pure
  • Nothing added

Ingredients: Coconut Extract (48%), Water

Tropical Sun Natural Coconut Milk is 100% natural. It is made using only the finest grade of coconuts so that we deliver fantastically delicious coconut milk which has absolutely nothing added to it. 

Pure coconut milk has a tendency to separate into two; a thicker cream and thinner liquid within the can. 

Being completely natural means it doesn't always appear a milky liquid or always have smooth consistency. This is perfectly normal and is because there are no additives, stabilizers or preservatives used in this product. This means what you taste is unadulterated 100% coconut milk. All you need to ensure that shake the can well before opening to enjoy a rich coconut flavour that can authentically enhance any meal.