Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil


Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Quantity: 100 ml per bottle

Sesa Ayurvedic Oil is not an ordinary oil. It is a medicinal oil made with Kshir Pak Vidhi, a 5000 year old Ayurvedic ritual. This involves boiling medicinal herbs and oil in pure cow's milk for 22 hrs. Milk preserves the goodness of herbs and oils in the oil and helps maximise its efficacy. 

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Benefits of Sesa Ayurvedic Oil

  • Reduces Hair Fall: Bhringraj, Jati, Nili Oil prevent breakage and reduces hair fall
  • Supports Hair Growth: Sesame oil strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth
  • Delays Premature Greying: Triphala, Mandoor Bhasma help slow down greying and ageing of hair
  • Improves Scalp Health: Neem, Lemon Oil, Sudha curb dandruff, itchiness and scalp infections
  • Nourishes & Strengthens Hair: Coconut Oil, Jatamansi, Gunja maintain overall hair health

Indication: Sesa Ayurvedic Oil helps improve blood circulation in the hair follicles when massaged. Treats scalp from seborrheic dermatitis. Nourishes hair roots and scalp through vital vitamins & also help protect against damage due to stress or pollution. It prevents bacterial and fungal infection of scalp.

Application: Apply to the scalp. Gently massage scalp and hair for 5 - 7 minutes. Leave overnight or at least 2 hrs before wash.

GMP Certified by the Department of Ayurveda

Made In Bharat