Lenor Unstoppables Fresh 570 gm


Lenor Unstoppables (Big Bottle)

Quantity: 570 gm

Fragrance: Fresh

Lenor Unstoppables is an in wash scent booster that keeps going where current freshness fades, letting you experience up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness (in storage). That's because Lenor Unstoppables contains 9x more perfume than fabric conditioner and goes in at the beginning of the wash so more scent infuses into the fabric slowly over time. Lenor Unstoppables should be added to you laundry routine before every wash. Throw the scent booster directly into the washing drum. Add your laundry detergent. Add your fabric conditioner for softness. 

Keep away from children. Please read the label on the product for usage and safety advice before using.