Dheepam Parijat Lamp Oil (Deepam Oil) 1L


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Dheepam Parijat Lamp Oil (Deepam Oil)

Quantity: 1000 ml

The lamp oil with Parijat flower fragrance. 

This is NOT for Edible Use


Refined Castor Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Mahua Oil, Refined Rice Bran Oil and Sungandha Dravya

Deepam Lamp Oil brings together an unique combination of oils that are said to have been used since time immemorial. Every single oil in this composition bestows immense benefits to you, your family and the society around you.

Oil & Benefit

Refined Castor Oil - Harmonious relationship with kith & kin.

Sesame Oil - Removes all ills and wards off evil spirits is also 'dosha nivaarani'.

Coconut Oil - for concentration & peace of mind.

Refined Mahua Oil - Relieves one from all kinds of debt.

Refined Rice Bran Oil - Simplest offering to Goddess Ammalaksmi.

Made In Bharat