Daawat Chakki Atta 10 Kg


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Daawat Chakki Atta

Quantity: 10 Kg

Ingredients: Whole Wheat

  • 100% Whole Wheat Atta
  • Softest rotis all day
  • Fibre rich, soft & tasty

Made with pure and fine quality wheat, Daawat Chakki Atta is carefully milled using state of the art milling technology ensuring 100% Whole Wheat Flour that is fresh & pure. 

Superior in taste, Daawat Chakki Atta is a good source of fibre, and has no maida added making it a delightful choice for chapatis, parathas and puris, so they stay fresh & tasty. 

Allergy Information:

Contains Wheat (Gluten)

Made In Bharat